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tv   11 News Sunrise  NBC  November 5, 2009 5:30am-6:00am EST

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the >> good morning, everybody. welcome back to 11 news today. >> we will get a check on weather and traffic. >>. it feels cold. i will admit that. it is a couple of degrees warmer technically. >34 degrees in frederick.
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that is about 5 degrees warmer than yesterday. 47 downtown. a decent morning. this afternoon, the possibility of light showers popping up. the high-temperature only 51 degrees. some good news in the seven-day forecast. >> good news on the roads. not much to talk about this morning. we have a closure in affect at one area for the heritage festival. his 795 looks great. 61 miles per hour on the southbound harrisburg expressway. here is it live view of traffic
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this morning. problem free on the key bridge. >> we are falling breaking news from overnight. and off to give baltimore city police officer stabbed at a strip club. >> he is being treated at leassk trauma. >> the officer was stabbed twice. once in the neck and want in the back. according to police, the officer was off-duty at a strip club around 2:00 this morning in baltimore county. an altercation broke out. city police say the officer was able to get off a defense of shot after being stabbed. both were taken here at shock trauma. the officer is out surgery and is expected to do just fine.
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>> the officer is a 15 year veteran. they are trying to go after bad guys with guns in baltimore in his unit. >> we do not know if the suspect is out of surgery. a mixture of baltimore county and baltimore city cars here. we saw the police commissioner here to check on his officer. he has left the scene. wbal-tv. >> expected to get the swine flu vaccine actually received the seasonal flu vaccine instead. each woman affected was called personally by the county health department and got the chance to get the correct vaccine. and there is no potential danger if they got both vaccines. and thousands of school kids
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are going to be immunized by the end of the month. these are at public schools. 28 schools are on board so far. the harford county health department is holding a vaccination clinic for those six months to 18 years and pregnant women. it will be held tomorrow from 10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.. the vaccines will be provided at no cost. officials say it will be held rain or shine. >> a bill that will keep track of city kids is being reviewed. maryland could establish a child tracker system. it allows various agencies to share data about children in the city. that information would help educators provide services that depend point their knees and keep up with their attendance.
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>> mayor sheila dixon is speaking publicly about her trial. >> i am looking forward to getting it over and moving forward with a lie. >> she says a lot of truth will come out with regards to her boy friend ronald lipscomb. watercooler question of the day. what do you think of the board mayor while she was on vacation? email us your response to >> if you are out of a job or looking to buy a new home, good news for you. morally could be coming to you as congress looks at a bill that will extend unemployment benefits and a home buyer tax credit. our washington bureau reporter
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has the details. >> the senate passed a bill yesterday and the house could act as early as today. >> the unemployment compensation act -- after weeks of delay, the senate approved a bill to extend unemployment benefits to nearly 2 million out-of-work americans. >> we will finally see the light at the end of a very long and very dark tunnel. being out of work has caused this for hundreds of thousands of american workers. >> benefits will be extended by 14 weeks at states where unemployment is over 8.5%, by 20 weeks. >> real people faced real decisions every day. >> the bill also includes an extension of a popular tax credit for first-time home buyers due to expire this month. the $8,000 tax credit would be offered through june of next year. current homeowners could be
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eligible for a $6,500 credit to buy a new home. >> this is the last extension of the home buyer tax credit. americans have the opportunity to take advantage of a once in a lifetime credit and help us bring the housing market back to a sense of vitality. >> tax relief for some businesses is at stake. in washington, nikole killion, wbal-tv. >> 600,000 workers had run out of their unemployment benefits at the end of last month. 1.4 million taxpayers have claimed the tax benefit so far. some inmates at a florida jail come to the rescue of a deputy. we have amazing footage. >> and trying to keep contra bound -- contraband outside of
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>> welcome back. the morning, everyone. there is a 10 degree temperatures spread between the suburbs and the city. 39 at bwi. upper 30's when you drop your kids up at the bus stop this morning.
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a high of only 51. we will take a look of the seven-day forecast in a moment. >> it is becoming more difficult for inmates to get contraband behind bars. this can find contraband inside someone's body while a cell phone dog can locate devices on inmates. it points out where contraband is located. keeping it out is the number one goal. >> less contraband and better security makers a for prisons. this new technology will help us intercept more contraband before it gets into our prisons in maryland. >> the new equipment costs more than $1 million which will hopefully reduce violence in
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maryland prisons. >> some inmates in a florida jail show respect for a deputy when he was attacked. one of the inmates put him into a life-threatening choke hold. another inmate fight for the deputy. he picked up a radio and screamed emergency two other deputies. coming up, a debate regarding pregnancy center signs. >> many and must take medicine -- many of us take medicine that could do as more harm than good. the medical alert is coming up. and this is a live picture of the downtown baltimore area. stay with us for more on your
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>> one closure in this city. it is due to the greek heritage festival for monday. looking good on the west side and the glen burnie area. 11 minutes on the outer loop west side. separately smoot ride around the area. let's enjoy it while we can. no official delays even in the white marsh area. problem free on the j.f.x.. that this latest.
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>> a delay on the 35 bus running about 15 minutes late. the 15 best is diverting at saratoga and green, construction there. light rail is on time. the metro subway is on schedule. the trains are looking good. back to tony pann. >> things are pretty quiet in the whether to permit today. that is good news. it could change this afternoon. some disturbance coming out of the martins -- martin bridgett mountains -- some disturbance coming out of the mountains. low to mid '30's in the western
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suburbs. 39 of the airport. and when you are close to the water or in the city, it jumped 10 degrees. 48 in annapolis. we talked about this first disturbance. another one is near the great lakes that will come through this evening. the skies will clear up once it comes by. we will be smooth sailing for the weekend. it is cold across the upper midwest. that cold air mass will settle in for the rest of the week. more sunshine this morning dan this afternoon. high-temperature around 51. fairly quiet if you take the boat out.
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water temperatures around 57 degrees. it'll be real choppy on friday. overnight, clearing skies. it will allow the temperatures to drop back into the 30's again by friday morning. a big storm will develop all of the new england coast. some strong winds funneling down the mid-atlantic region as winds picked up over 30 miles per hour on friday. we may have to talk about wind chills in the 30's on friday. 59 on saturday, 64 on sunday. may be near 70 early next week on monday or tuesday. next chance for rain will be on wednesday. >> the fda says millions of
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americans are getting sick. some are dying because they are not taking medicines correctly. >> madison that are supposed to help people feel better or making them feel worse. >> every year, 4 million people in debt in the emergency room or doctor's office because they got the wrong medicine or the wrong dose. 1.5 million of these mistakes are preventable. it is the job of the fda to make sure medicines are safe. they are concerned about whether patients are taking their medicine as directed. >> we have a responsibility to ensure that medicines are used safely. >> the fda will hold public meetings to ask doctors, pharmacists, patience, and others about solutions to things like patients overdosing on acetaminophen when they mix over
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the counter and prescription drugs. doctors prescribing the wrong medicine and pharmacists providing the wrong pills. in paris in that -- an apparent that not properly measure liquid medication for their children. >> some parents will reach for the teaspoon instead of the cup. >> officials say even health- care workers to not always read instructions on madison. >> a warning label does not ensure that information translates into the safe and effective use. >> the agency wants to make a list of drugs that are most likely to be misused. they will put out specific solutions and measure if they are working. there want to be proactive beyond just regulating madison
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but making sure that people use madison safely -- regulating medicine but making sure that people use madison safely. -- madison safeledicine safely. >> it is unclear why asthma and the use of acetaminophen may be links. >> a member of the baltimore archdiocese is weighing in on the bill that would call premises centers to advertise whether or not they conduct abortion. the archbishop believes it could be more effective for lawmakers to crack down on back alley abortion providers. >> we are looking to protect
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individuals in this field. let's start with the abortion factories. i have never heard of a private institution or public business being asked to advertise what they do not do under the penalty of a fine. >> the bill calls for fines of $150 if there is failure to post the information. >> we will take a look at one of your answers to our watercooler question of the day coming up. >> here are the winning lottery numbers from last night.
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>> the senate has approved up to 20 extra risks for unemployment benefit. some of the hardest-hit states benefit for the jobless could extend up to 99 weeks with an average of $300 a week. the measure heads to the house. a baltimore man was part of a group of men who stole a tribute to cal ripken jr. and were later caught arguing over it.
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he will serve two years of probation and have a community service. he must pay $1,900 in restitution. baltimore county executive said residents were taken to the hospital last year because of carbon monoxide poisoning. they expect the number to double this year. new legislation will require detectors be installed in all rental properties in the county. residents will be responsible for testing and maintaining them in notifying management if there is a problem. >> time to get to one of your answers to the water cooler question of the day. >> this morning we s to view -- what you thought about the $4,500 protection be approved for the mayor during her vacation. >> times have changed and so should your thinking on how you
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spend our money. we will read more in the next hour and post all of them on the front page of our web site. >> here is a look ahead to the next hour of 11 news today. >> could the economy be recovering? >> the tax amnesty time has ended. >> the french are putting in new spin on gourmet cuisine. kretzer another chilly start on this thursday morning. we have good news in the seven- day forecast. >> the morning commute is looking good so far.
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